B&D Flavour’s “Trends Spotter” is an extremely valuable resource that will present unique and compelling insights into the food segments, market overview, products and consumer demographics so critical to your commercial success.

When it comes to trying to understand which segments and categories of the food industry are growing, what’s driving that growth and how you might be able to capitalize on this as quickly as possible, B&D Flavours is at your service.

We have partnered with a highly reputable strategic market data resource organization who leverage their global presence to gather insights into the key components that drive consumer demand within the various food categories i.e. beverage, bakery, dairy, confection & culinary to name a few.

With this valuable market data in hand, you will be able to fine tune your valuable resources and efforts to identify which areas within your product’s portfolio will deliver the sales and growth so necessary to the health, profitability and future success of your organization.

Customized market presentations will provide a wealth of information which will include: Market Overview, Consumer Demographics, Pricing Analysis, Retail Landscape, Key Distribution Channels, Competitive Landscape, Health & Wellness Analysis, Packaging, Consumer Trend Analysis and New Product Launches.

Armed with this greater understanding of where the market and consumers are heading, B&D Flavours will be your dedicated partner in the development of new and uniquely flavoured products that will deliver “consumer preferred” signature brands which will set the “Gold Standard” to which all others are compared!

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“Trends Spotter”, it’s one more way B&D Flavours is delivering value and differentiation, “we are just a call away”.
Please contact Ken G. Halnan, Manager Marketing & Business Development.


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