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B & D Flavours Inc. are specialists in manufacturing, creating new flavours or matching existing flavours for the following industries:

  • DAIRY – Yogurt, milk, ice cream, cream cheese, novelties, flavoured milk and flavoured cream.
  • BEVERAGES – Juice drinks, teas, soft drinks, coolers (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), isotonic and health drinks.
  • BAKERY – Muffins, donuts, cakes, cookies, flavours for fruit preparations and cream fillings.
  • CONFECTIONERY – Hard/soft candies and sweet snacks.
  • NUTRITIVE BARS – Meal replacement, granola, energy and protein bars.
  • NON DAIRY ALTERNATIVES – Soy, almond, coconut, rice, and flax products.
  • PHARMA/NUTRACEUTICAL – Natural health products.

Food Safety & Security

Food safety is a growing concern for all food processors in order to eliminate the risks of mishandling and contamination. Implementation of a recognized food safety system such as ISO 22000 is critical to maintaining quality and safety of the final product. ISO 22000 incorporates the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP which ensures all components from raw material acquisition to processing are controlled and risks are minimized or eliminated.

B & D Flavours Inc. manufactures according to a strict quality control program. B&D Flavours Inc. conducts regular rigorous internal audits that are documented at specified intervals.

  • Documentation and implementation of this program began in March 2003 and members of the food safety committee meet regularly to ensure continuous improvement.
  • An inspection by a third party audit team from Intertek Systems was first carried out in September 2005, and our IS0 22000-2005 (HACCP) certification was received in November 2005.
  • In March of 2013, our certification ISO 22000-2005 (HACCP) was upgraded to FSSC 22000:2011.

B & D Flavours Inc. is a registered food facility with the FDA and complies with all C-TPAT Foreign Manufacturer Security Recommendations. Throughout the plant, GMPs are required and followed.

B & D Flavours Inc. guarantees traceability on all products supplied to its customers. Our flavours are manufactured using the best quality GRAS materials and are FEMA approved. Finished product is analyzed and tested prior to shipping. We conduct thorough quality control testing on all products manufactured at this facility.

Food Safety Certifications

We proudly hold certifications of quality and excellence

ISO 22000 / HACCP Compliant

B & D Flavours Inc. is pleased to announce our recent ISO 22000 / HACCP certification. ISO 22000 is a new international standard, developed by professionals in the food industry. It incorporates the principles of HACCP with a focus on food safety management. The aim of this new standard is to harmonize the requirements of food safety management on a global level. Food safety is a joint responsibility for all parties involved and requires combined efforts to ensure a safe food supply chain. Adequate control is essential as food safety hazards can enter the food chain at any stage. As a leading manufacturer of food flavours catering to the food & beverage industry, we are committed to maintaining an effective food safety system that will be continuously updated according to the requirements of the ISO 22000 International Standard. ISO 22000 / HACCP demonstrates our ability as a supplier to control food safety hazards and consistently supply safe, high quality products to our customers.

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